Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Read Your Brains Out, Part Deux by Mary Ann Rodman

I read so much that I keep a reading log of what I've read, when, and where or how I learned about the book. I thought I would share what I've read in the two weeks since I last posted (OK, not counting yesterday's post) With one exception, I don't personally know any of these authors, so these are not books I am plugging for a friend (and the exception is a book I would have read anyway as research for a future piece.) Here is the list by genre, including publishing date. Where I learned of the book is in parenthesis. * indicates that I couldn't decide if this was upper middle grade or lower YA.

Picture books--SONG OF MIDDLE C by Alison McGhee, 2009 (Kirkus Reviews) DIRT ON THEIR SKIRTS by Doreen Rappaport & Lyndall Callanm 1998 (Amazon search), THE BEST FIGURE SKATER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLF by Linda Bailey, 2001 (Amazon search).

Easy readers--SLIP, SLIDE, SKATE by Gail Herman, 1999 (Amazon search).

Middle grade fiction--THE CHOSEN ONE by Carol Lynn Williams, 2009*(Kirkus Reviews)

Middle grade non-fiction--ELLIS ISLAND by Raymond Bial, 2009 (Kirkus Reviews)
RED SCARF GIRL by Ji-Li Jiang, 1997 (Summer reading list), DENIED, DETAINED, DEPORTED by Ann Bausum, 2009 *(Kirkus Reviews)

YA--IF I STAY by Gayle Forman 2009 (YALSA list) THE OTHER HALF OF LIFE by Kim Alblon Whitney, 2009 (YALSA list) BECAUSE I AM FURNITURE by Thalia Chaltas, 2009
(YALSA list) WHAT I SAW AND HOW I LIED by Judy Blundell, 2008 (National Book Award Winner), ALL THE BROKEN PIECES by Ann E. Burg, 2009 *(YALSA list) THE SCHOOL FOR DANGEROUS GIRLS by Eliot Scherfer, 2009 (YALSA list) THIS FULL HOUSE by Virginia Euwer Wolff, 2009 (Publishers Weekly)

YA(or adult) non-fiction--HOPE'S BOY by Andrew Bridge, 2008 (Summer reading list)

Adult non-fiction--THE JOURNAL OF HELENE BERR, 2008 (Publishers Weekly), CLOSING TIME by Joe Queenan, 2009 (Publishers Weekly).

Tune in next time for my further adventures in reading. Looking over this post, I think I'll show this to my family. . .it might explain why our house has dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds.

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