Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Out and About

I’m off and flyin’ to the 38th Annual SCBWI Conference - 4 days (count ’em!) of non-stop meeting, greeting, learning and laughing - oh, and dancing, too, beneath LA’s Blue Moon, all in the service of creating children’s books.

My (too-big-to-fit-in-the-overhead-compartment?) suitcase bulges with the manuscripts I’ll be critiquing, transparencies for my Saturday “Keeping The Writer’s Dream Alive 24/7” Workshop, and one very stylish 40’s navy blue organza chapeau I plan to don for Saturday night’s dancing.

But guess what?

YOU can attend the 38th Annual SCBWI Conference too!
Simply register for the SCBWI TEAM BLOG on Twitter.
(#SCBWI09 is the tag that will be on all the conference-related tweets.)
Team members who will be blogging throughout the conference include Writer’s Digest’s Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market Editorial Director Alice Pope and authors Jaime Lemairik, Jolie Stekly, Paula Yoo, Suzanne Young, and Lee Wind.
Visit the SCBWI Conference Blogspot to learn more.

And, non-Twittering folks can view photos and presentation reports uploaded daily at SCBWI’s website.

Happy Conference-goin’, in Real and/or Virtual Space!


Brenda said...

Have a fabulous time!

Lisa Yee said...

See you soon!

Tara McClendon said...

It would be way cool if you could do a post on one of your critiques. I'd love to read the insight. :]

Esther Hershenhorn said...

I honored Brenda Ferber's request and had a very fabulous time at the LA SCBWI Conference!
Readers can see - and - hear the goings-on by visiting and clicking on the Blog posts.
I did indeed connect with Ms. Yee several times throughout my stay.
Lucky me!
And as to an insight from one of my ten manuscript critiques?
I - always - look first, at the story itself and its working (or could-work-better)parts, then next, at the way the author chose to tell that story to his targeted readers.
Those are two very different aspects of a manuscript.
Whether one writes beautifully or not, the story must work so that the reader never needs reason to leave it.
Thanks, Tara, for posting this comment.
We hope to address it in future posts.