Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Grazie-to-Marti Day!

We Five Teaching Authors hereby decree: this Fourth Thursday in November is Grazie-to-Marti Day!

Grazie, Carmela-dash-Marti Martino, our TeachingAuthors Administrator Extraordinaire!

Our holiday cornucopia runneth over with thanks, for all you do, all year long.

Please accept our Six-word Memoirs as but a small token of our appreciation.

Masterful motherly magnanimous Google Software Manipulator.
Answers questions, coordinates schedules, organizes everything.
Runs our little blog beautifully, generously.
Totally Together Teacher: tireless, thoughtful, thorough.
Incredibly intelligent, involved, insightful imaginative Idea-maker.

You are a true Wizard, working behind the scenes to create our Magic – adjusting, aligning, announcing, connecting, labeling, tweaking, scheduling, bundling.

Lucky us to call you Friend and fellow Teaching Author.

Con affetto,

April, Esther, Jeanne Marie, JoAnn and Mary Ann


Carmela Martino said...

I'm blushing, Ladies. You are all so amazing; I'M the one who feels honored and blessed to work with all of you. Mille grazie for making this Thanksgiving extra-special for me!
un forte abbraccio
(a great big hug)
Marti (aka Carmela)

Michelle Sussman said...

Huzzah, Marti! You are an inspiration to all. :D