Monday, December 7, 2009

More on Organizing Projects, and a Giveaway Sneak Preview

Due to a strange quirk in Google Blogger, JoAnn was initially unable to include images with her post on Friday. However, the issue has been resolved, and you can now see her photographs. If the images on your screen are too small, click on them for a better look.

Also, I posted a follow-up comment this morning with a couple of my own tips. I invite you to join the conversation by commenting on JoAnn's post with one of your favorite techniques for staying organized. Or, if you prefer, share one of your greatest organizing challenges. Maybe one of our readers can provide a solution. I'd love to learn new ways to be more efficient in the new year!

Sneak Preview: we'll be sponsoring another book giveaway on Wednesday. Do stop by to read an extra-special author interview and enter for a chance to win a personally autographed copy of a new picture book.

Happy writing!

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Lea said...

We'll be waiting for that interview of yours. Excited to read that.