Friday, October 1, 2010

More, More, More

More about daily learning:
Esther’s Wednesday post listed daily ways to learn by e-mail. Here are a couple of sites with daily poetry offerings:
More about Banned Books Week:
Jeanne Marie’s Monday post described book-banning controversies surrounding books by Laurie Halse Anderson and Lauren Myracle. YA author Ellen Hopkins writes powerful novels in verse that explore tough subjects. Her invitation to speak at a teen literature festival in Texas was rescinded after a librarian’s complaint. Several other speakers withdrew in support, the festival had to be canceled, and Texas teens lost the opportunity to hear all those authors speak. As Hopkins says, "What's perhaps not right for one child is necessary to another. Ignorance is no armor. And those whose lives are touched by the issues I write about deserve to know they are not alone." I agree. Read more:
More about our Teaching Authors contest:
We're extending the deadline to 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 5. Enter to win either six autographed books, one from each Teaching Author, or a 30-minute Skype author visit with April Halprin Wayland, Esther Hershenhorn, or JoAnn Early Macken. Read all about it here.

JoAnn Early Macken


Carmela Martino said...

I just read Ellen Hopkins' article in Huffington Post. Her "Manifesto" poem is very powerful. Thanks for including the link, JA.

Esther Hershenhorn said...

Oh, thank you, JA, for including the Poem-a-day links!
They're on My List now...
I used to subscribe to the Billy Collins post.