Monday, April 11, 2011

Start tweetin' those twaikus!

Could there be a more perfect way to celebrate both National Library Week – and – National Poetry Month than to tweet a twaiku that sings the praises of your Library?!

You read that right: a twaiku – a haiku sent via Twitter.

Twaiku use the same structure as haiku – 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively.
Unlike a haiku, however, a twaiku can only be 140 characters, or 130 with the American Library Association’s Twaiku Contest tag #nlwtwaiku.tag.

You read that right: an ALA Twaiku Contest that begins today, the start of National Library Week, and continues through Wednesday, April 13.
Please note: all submissions must be tagged #nlwtwaiku.
The staff of @yourlibrary will post a selection of the best twaiku at where everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entry through the end of National Library Week, Saturday, April 16.

Last year at this time, I serenaded (with apologies to Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson) the Top Five Libraries I’ve loved.
This year, however, (with a little bit of help from a fellow TeachingAuthor with a Twitter account!), I can tweet a twaiku that celebrates the Ultimate Credit Card.

Whenever I’m asked how I became a writer, I proudly show the card above.
“This is the card,” I say, “you don’t want to leave home without!”

                                         My Chicago Public Library Card

                                         Frequent card usage
                                         earns unlimited travel
                                         anywhere or time.

Now it’s your turn to think fondly of your library, then tweet a twaiku!
Consider your effort today's Writing Workout!

Esther Hershenhorn

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Melissa Taylor said...

love this idea, Esther!