Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One TeachingAuthor's SHOUT-OUT!

Listen up, readers!
Today I shout THANKS! to those writers I taught and/or coached and/or read and took heart from who helped me survive an especially gray, cold and wet Chicago Spring. Their words and their Good News, whether emailed, snail-mailed, SKYPED or phoned in, helped me stay aloft these past three months.

How nice that in exclaiming my appreciation for these writers’ updates and continued connections, I’m also establishing a new TeachingAuthors feature - THE SHOUT-OUT!, with the accompanying chosen image, the megaphone.

I sincerely thank (in no special order):

Putnam finally released this Florida writer’s long-awaited first picture book, THE GINGERBREAD MAN LOOSE IN SCHOOL. Laura and I first met at the 2006 LA SCBWI Conference. She worked oh, so hard, revising and readying for quick purchase this original take on a much-loved story.

Steve Layne
Illustrator Ard Hoyt is already at work on Steve’s next  picture book, STAY WITH SISTER (Pelican Press, '12). Steve wrote the manuscript – a follow-up to LOVE THE BABY and SHARE WITH BROTHER, in my 2010 Fall Newberry Library Picture Book Workshop.

• Three soon--to-be-MFA-degreed writers – Ellen Reagan of Deerfield, IL, Helen Kemp Zax of Washington, D.C. and Chicagoan China Hill.
Ellen and Helen are off to Vermont College this July; China begins her coursework at Columbia College this Fall. It was an honor to recommend all. I know when each is published, I'll say, "I told you so!”

Ricky Mickiewicz
A Chicago writer and illustrator, Ricky finally gathered the courage to ready his picture book
WORMEE  THE WORM for self-publication this June. WORMEE first showed his head and rings long
ago in a Newberry Library Workshop, long before graphic novels and ePublishing became the rage.

Deanie Yasner
A newly-declared and mighty talented children’s book writer, Deanie bravely applied for and won a full
scholarship to Highlights upcoming Chautauqua. Her first-ever picture book submission brought a
response in less than 24 hours!

My River Grove Elementary School Young Writers
During my four-day visit to River Grove, Illinois’ River Grove Elementary School this Spring, the school’s eager Young Writers in grades 1 through 5, supported by a caring faculty and literacy teacher Mary 
Chamberlain, wrote and illustrated R IS FOR RIVER GROVE ELEMENTARY: A ROYAL ALPHABET.

This award-winning Mother-Daughter Combo wrote their nonfiction hearts out in ANATOMY OF NONFICTION: WRITING TRUE STORIES FOR CHILDREN, published this month by the Institute of Children’s Literature. Marge lovingly served as one of my earliest mentors. I often share her Vassar Children’s Book Publishing opening remarks with my students: “In another life time, we children’s book writers were playmates.”

Cheryl Klein
Cheryl’s SECOND SIGHT, a compilation of her insightful, manuscript-changing and writer-changing talks on writing, revising and publishing books for children and young adults, is now finally again in stock. I’m busily ear-marking pages and underlining passages to share with my writers of all ages.

Holly’s beautiful wood-cut illustrated picture book IF I NEVER FOREVER ENDEAVOR  
(Candlewick Press) hit the shelves this month too. The front flap copy describes the book as a “gentle
nudge for hesitant fledglings – of all ages and species – to step out, to dare, and to try. Who knows? If
you try, you might…fly!”

So, again, I shout out my THANKS! to those writers who shared their words and their Good News these past three months. You kept me flying, no matter the weather.

Happy flying to all!

Esther Hershenhorn


Carmela Martino said...

Definitely lots to "shout out" about this Spring. Congrats to all!

Bobbi Miller said...

I really like this SHOUT-OUT format (in addition to your wonderful interviews. I just LOVE Cheryl Klein's SECOND SIGHT.

Jeanne Marie Grunwell Ford said...

I just had to jump on the SECOND SIGHT bandwagon -- in fact, was planning to blog about it next time. Loved this post, Esther! And thanks for the Mr. Terupt suggestion -- it's a good one. I did not love it as much as I thought I might, but I'm glad to hear that kids are enthused, which is obviously what matters most!

Megan K. Bickel said...

I love the idea of a shout out blog post! So many inspires us on this journey, they deserve a shout out!

I also wanted to thank Mary Ann (I lost her e-mail address) for my signed copy of CAMP K-9. My boys love it and they are every impressed the author signed it to them! My five year old said, "But Mom, how did she know our names?" Thank you!