Thursday, August 4, 2011

Announcing the Winner of our Zachary Ruthless Book Giveaway

The winner of our latest giveaway is Beastly Betty, the super villain also known as Beverly Herrera. :-) Congratulations, Beverly!
(Beverly, if you haven't received our email asking for additional information, please check your Spam folder.)

Beverly will be receiving an autographed copy of The Rotten Adventures of Zachary Ruthless, by Allan Woodrow. Thanks again, Allan, for your terrific "Student Success Story" interview.

A big THANK YOU, also, to all the super villains who participated in the contest. Don't feel bad if you didn't win--we're planning another interview and giveaway for later this month.

And, as always, happy writing!



Allan Woodrow said...

Congrats, Beverly!

bherrera said...

Thanks so much for making me a winner. I got the news at a time when I needed a boost, so I doubly thank you. Allan, your interview was helpful and your book will be used to entertain readers and inspire writers in Laredo. I see so much happening here with writers now. When we started our foundation four years ago the attitude was one of "No one ever comes to these events." Now there is a book fair with authors and workshops at the local library this weekend and thousands have attended book discussions and author visits. In a city with a high rate of illiteracy, I am encouraged when I see more and more citizens getting excited about a book, an author, an issue and literature in general. Thanks for your help and encouragement.
Beverly Goodin Herrera