Monday, April 9, 2012

Social Networking

I was finally "out and about" this week!  Actually, I was just 20 minutes from home to see our own Esther Hershenhorn speak at our spring MD/DE/WV SCBWI event.  While I have "known" Esther for years, in fact I actually only met her face to face once, for about five seconds, over a decade ago.

This past weekend she spoke for three (!) hours and, while I am sure she was utterly exhausted, she provided the spark and inspiration I needed to come home energized.  She is, as she says, a 'silver lining person,' and I asked her to rub my head in the hopes that some of that optimism would rub off on me. 

While the blogosphere provides a wonderfully supportive writing community, I really needed and appreciated the opportunity to connect in person with editors, agents, and especially fellow writers.  "Filling the well," as they say.

I bought a book from Amie Rose Rotruck about vampires and monsters for my formerly scaredy-cat just-turned-7-year-old who came home from school last week reporting that she'd spent recess 'practicing her vampire skills.'  [I can only hope that this did not involve biting people.]  Kate was so mesmerized by this book that she slept with it and had to be talked out of taking it to church.   

I met a fellow TV writer -- in Maryland!

I met about sixteen people who knew people whom I knew.  And I hardly know anybody! 

It was an excellent day.  Thank you presenters, thank you participants, and most especially, thank you, Esther! Come back soon!
And speaking of inspiring writer/teachers, make sure to check out this terrific interview with Janet Wong and enter our latest book giveaway contest!  --Jeanne Marie

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Esther Hershenhorn said...

Thank you, Jeanne Marie, for your kind, kind words.
I loved sharing my brain's Hard Drive and my Heart Drive too with your fellow Maryland/Delaware/West Virginia SCBWI members last weekend..AND...spending solid Talk Time with you after the Conference to get to know you even better.
I'm forever indebted to your Vermont College Hivers for connecting us.