Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Kind Cup o' Publicity!

Were I to write a name poem for my first name Esther, at least one of my E’s would stand for Enthuse.
That’s what I do, often and gladly.
And I especially enjoy enthusing on behalf of others.

So, thank you, Darcy Pattison, for declaring this first week of September Random Acts of Publicity Week, giving me the chance to do some mighty loud praise-singing of several of my fellow Children’s Book World residents.
Once again I can pay Kindness forward, something I also enjoy doing, and introduce our readers to:

Almigal, a spunky little girl with a BIG personality who’s determined to hear “every   single sound in the whole entire universe!”  Almigal’s spirit and her cotton-candy pink cochlear implants will have everyone shouting “LET’S HEAR IT FOR ALMIGAL!”  That happens to be, of course, the title of Almigal’s picture book, written by debut author WendyKupfer and illustrated by Tammie Lyon (Handfinger Press, 2012). Talk about paying Kindness forward!  Five percent of book sales supports deaf children.

Gordy, a courageous little fellow who, with his Doctor’s help, initiates a restrictive diet so that he can be like other children – happy and healthy. Gordy’s triumphant story claims the pages of the picture book Gordy and the Magic Diet, written by first-time authors Kim Diersen and April Runge and deliciously illustrated by Carrie Hartman (Special Kids Enterprises, LP, 2012).  A portion of the proceeds will benefit non-profit organizations that help children navigate restrictive diets!

A spanking-new updated and expanded website - - that celebrates and honors the legacy of award-winning beloved author Syd Hoff  - think Danny and the Dinosaur - that went live yesterday, September 4, on the occasion of his 100th Birthday. Created by his niece Carol Edmonston, the site includes a rich selection of Syd’s cartoons, a Kids page featuring the “how to’s” of cartooning using letters and numbers and a downloadable chapter, just for starters.  

The September 9 launch of author Carol Coven Grannick’s new blog – Today I Am AWriter.  Many of our readers know Carol from her previous inspiring blog, The Irrepressible Writer.  Carol shared that in her newest venture, she plans “to explore the issue of what it means to be a writer without focusing so intensely on ultimate publication in a public way because perhaps I need the feeling of being witnessed.”  Also because she believes she is not alone!  If this issue resonates with you, visit Carol’s blog, posted six days a week, excluding Saturday.

a free cup o’coffee on National Coffee Day, September 29, between the hours of 7 am and 11 am, courtesy of 7-Eleven!

Hurrah! Hurray! Bravo! Mazel tov! – and - merci beaucoup, 7-Eleven!

And, believe it or not…
YOU can continue paying Kindness forward by kindly promoting someone you know.
Children’s Book Publicist Susan Raab of Raab Associates has kindly offered TEN (!) FREE (!) Marketing Consults for the Random Acts of Publicity Week.
The catch?
You can only enter a friend’s name! 
Check out Darcy Pattison’s September 6 post for full details.  You have only 24 hours to enter.  Entries begin at 12:01 am.

Let’s hear it for Kindness!
Esther Hershenhorn


Speaking of Giveaways, don’t forget our TeachingAuthor Book Giveway of Heidi Bee Roemer’s and Carol-Ann Hoyte’s poetry anthology And the Crowd Goes Wild! A Global Gathering of Sports Poems.  Entry deadline is 11 pm Tuesday, September 11, 2012 (CST).  The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 12.


Linda B said...

love seeing the new links to writer's blogs-they sound great. And the books about differences that some children face-always welcome. There are more than in the past, but never enough really. Thanks for the news!

Carol Grannick said...

Esther, you are so kind to mention my upcoming blog, Today I Am A Writer...Thank you for your lovely dose of publicity!

Anne Bromley said...

Thank you, Esther, for paying kindness forward so generously. These are important books and blogs and now more folks know about them. . . thanks to you.

Julie Hedlund said...

Great suggestions Esther! Also, I had no idea about International Coffee Day. :-)