Thursday, March 14, 2013

The March Madness Poetry Tournament Has Begun! #MMPoetry2013

Howdy, Campers!

Just a quick post to tell you that the 2nd Annual March Madness Poetry Tournament (aka #MMPoetry2013) has begun!

Devised and run by the demonic Ed DeCaria at ThinkKidThink!, 64 "authletes" write poems in rounds, just like basketball's March Madness.  And madness it is, indeed!  But the best part is this: you get to vote for the best poem in each round! 

Poets include Bruce Balan, who regular readers know sails around the world on his trimaran, moi, and LOTS of friends of this blog from the Kidlitosphere, especially those who frequent Poetry Friday.  Meet all the authletes here
Here's the link to my poem and that of Deborah Holt Williams, my fabulous opponent (my word is "puttering," which I did for 36 hours with that felt as if I were cooking in a Food Network contest--no time, no time!  My honored opponent's word? "sophisticate"--which she handles beautifully.)

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Linda B said...

Congratulations on your winning poem, April & best wishes for today. What fun this is! I'll be reading!