Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Writing Workout

Today's Wednesday Writing Workout is one adapted (with permission) from a blog post by Pulitzer Prize Finalist author Lee Martin. Martin writes both fiction and nonfiction and teaches in the MFA program at Ohio State. The following exercise is a simplified version of one he has used with his advanced undergraduate creative nonfiction students. You can find his version here if you wish.

1.  Locate yourself in the natural world.

2.  Sketch in the sensory details of the place. Take in your surroundings. What do you see and feel? Now close your eyes. What sounds stand out? Can you distinguish specific scents?

3.  Let those details lead you to a statement that expresses a mood. This is simplest if you go ahead and use the word "feel" in your statement. The way the leaves whisper high above my head makes me feel wistful, wishing to be up there among them, sharing secrets. Or Far away a dog howls for attention, making me feel lonely.

4.  Carry that mood inward. Make statements about what being in that place is like for you. Martin suggests:  Being in this place makes me feel/wonder/think/question. . . .

5.  Come back to one of the details of the place, perhaps a detail that you featured in the first step of this activity. This time find something new in that detail. Martin suggests, for instance:  I keep coming back to the sight/sound/smell of. . . .    Why does that detail stand out for you?

Putting yourself into the natural world, allowing yourself to see and experience it more deeply, can open you – and your writing - in ways that may surprise you. Or even trigger an idea for a brand new project.

Come back Friday to meet an author who turned a close encounter with nature into a joyful and educational picture book.

Happy writing!

Jill Esbaum
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Carmela Martino said...

I'm looking forward to trying this exercise, Jill (though I think I'll wait till the weather around here cools off a bit). I'm also looking forward "meeting" your surprise author. :-)

jan godown annino said...

Appreciating the introduction to Lee Martin & this idea.
For our pals in cities & not close to city parks, I'm thinking it would work if retooled a bit, anyhoo... Immerse yourself in the sounds, feel, taste, look of the city, no? For honebound pals, perhaps open the windows, open the doors...if you are not in extreme cold weather!
For myself, I expect to be in nature a bit this weekend & hope I can try this prompt. It's lovely. Thank you.

Jill said...

She's a fabulous one, Marti.
Jan, excellent points. You're very welcome!