Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A WWW for EVERY day of the year!

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I began 2013 with a BOLD move:  I bought an iPhone5.

Finally I was joining the technologically-savvy-and-cellular-device-connected Human Race!
I could hear my Luddite heart quicken as I studied the icons, thumbed my keyboard, clicked on images. 
But soon, like everyone around me, I too was finger-swiping screens like there was no tomorrow.

My 3-year-old grandson had fortified my courage.
A week earlier, within 3 hours of being introduced to his family’s Christmas present – i.e the iPad, I’d watched him arrive at Level 4 of Angry Birds and pout when his fingered launches failed to earn 3 stars.
The aforementioned grandson also inspired my newest August, 2013 Sleeping Bear Press release TXTNG MAMA TXTNG BABY which brings 2day’s Techy-Techy World to the sturdy pages of the ultimate hand-held device: the baby board book.

So it’s only fitting that I end this Life-changing year by offering up as my Wednesday Writing Workout the app I purchased yesterday  - Day One, a simple journaling platform that allows the user to “record and preserve memories for the long term.”

Of course, we all know the value of journaling.
And now, I can journal anywhere, and post a Selfie of me journaling, to boot!

The Good News is: If – I – can use DayOne, anyone can. J

To start a new entry, I simply click the +sign at the top left of my screen. A new post opens.  I can type away, adding text, photos, locations, the weather, the day and date of course, even music and tags.  The app connects with the cloud; it synchs in with other Apple devices (none of which I own yet); it’s totally searchable and entries can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out later.

The Chicago Tribune headline that introduced me to my newest daily journal says it all:
when it comes to writing every day, recording daily thoughts, ideas, adventures, you-name-it, “Day One app (is) a good place to start.”

Try journaling in the New Year.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Esther Hershenhorn


The DayOne blog offers up a multitude of journaling possibilities, whether you own an iPhone, another brand’s notebook or even choose to journal your day the old-fashioned-way, with a notebook and pen or pencil.

Check out the app's website  for thoughts on why and what to journal.

Reading through the DayOne list of uses will turn on all sorts of light bulbs to get you writing about your day, every day, Sunday through Saturday, in an easy, focused yet creative manner.

Think about your:
movie log
food log
travel log
photo log
idea log
work journal
word processor
Baby Book
Family conversations
Scenes from your novel
Even your Dear Santa letter – it’s not too late!

(And who’s to say you can’t journal as your character?)


jan godown annino said...

I like your list, especially great sources at home I haven't thought of in ages, such as my Baby Book & Dear Santa letter.

Am not yet an app person but in 2013 I renewed my interesting in leaving children's lit or other writing/ children's topic related notes on twitter. Come visit
at Bkseedstudio or search for JGA on twitter. It's fun.

Linda B said...

I have other writing apps, but this sounds very good, Esther. Thanks, and happy holidays!

Linda B said...

I have other writing apps, but this sounds very good, Esther. Thanks, and happy holidays!

April Halprin Wayland said...

Esther! You and I started using similar apps at the same time!

The one I use is called Evernote and has all the things you mention. I love it. I jot down ideas throughout the day, search it, send ideas to myself or to others via links in the cloud, etc.

I have a list of the prescriptions that my mom takes, and notes from lectures.

It's a joy!

Esther Hershenhorn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jan and Linda, and thanks April for sharing Evernote's name.
Tweeting might be my Bold Step for 2014? :)
Happy Holidays to all!