Friday, May 23, 2014

Searching for The Answer: Online “Clippings”

I enjoyed reading Esther’sLaura’s, and Jill’s posts about their clipping habits. Although I listen to Public Radio in the car and follow the news online and on TV, I rarely read newspapers or magazines. Instead of clipping paper, I keep too many tabs open in my browser. I periodically devote an hour or two to skimming, bookmarking, and adding links to don't-forget-to-read-later lists until I reduce the number to something more manageable.

This actually appeared on my computer screen once:

It’s a bit much, isn’t it? I know. I don’t want to miss anything.

Today’s post is a look at some of the many tabs currently open in my browser. Here are the latest I couldn’t resist but haven’t yet made time to explore fully:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online for Non-Commercial Use by Christopher Jobson on May 20, 2014:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has released a vast archive of 400,000 (mostly) hi-resolution digital images online that you can download and use for non-commercial purposes.

Make Way for Monarchs: a June 6 research symposium at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I’m registered! Several varieties of milkweed grow in our backyard, I've raised monarchs there for the past four summers, and I plan to do it again this year. Last fall, my husband and I collected milkweed seeds and scattered them in hospitable locations all over the city. I've already started seeds in pots to give away, and I'm revising a monarch manuscript. I can’t wait to soak up everything I can at this meeting--I'm hoping for an on-the-brink-of-disaster recovery.

Never, Ever Give Up: Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad's TED Talk about motivation, sent by my sister Eileen, who knows I need it!

Nonfiction in Picture Books: A Panel Discussion by Matia Burnett, May 08, 2014

Today’s Poetry Friday Roundup

These topics might seem random, but they are all parts of a big picture that includes everything from research for current projects to random things I’m curious about. I can never know all there is to know, but I’m always searching. I start by collecting everything I can, trying my darnedest to gather every last snippet of information.

Then I narrow it down to what’s usable, eliminate redundancies, and focus, hoping to locate that one magic nugget.

Framed above my computer is a birthday card from my sister Judy with a Gertrude Stein quote:
There ain’t no answer.
There ain’t going to be any answer.
There never has been an answer.
That’s the answer.
I may never have The Answer, but I won't stop looking.

JoAnn Early Macken


Liz Steinglass said...

I've taken to internet clipping also. I have an email folder titled read later. I have a pinterest board of books to read. I favorite tweets so I can follow the links later. And I have a ridiculous number of internet bookmarks. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed, hide my phone in a drawer, and go for a walk.

JoAnn Early Macken said...

Ha! Yes, it's easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available these days. Getting outside is the best escape for me, too. Right after I posted this, I went for a walk--with the phone, but thank goodness, no one called me!

Carmela Martino said...

Wow, 66 tabs, JA! I thought I kept lots of tabs open, but you've got me beat! Funny how hours can zoom by when I'm researching/reading online.
Thanks for the links, and the great photos.

Linda B said...

I had no idea that one could keep 66 tabs open. I thought it might crash the computer, but guess not! Safari now has a "reading list" which keeps growing if I can't find a bookmark folder where it 'might' fit. I have plans to go through the bookmarks this summer-must delete many! I liked seeing what links you shared, & thank you for the Metropolitan art link-wow! What a group for teaching, too. Thanks JoAnn!

JoAnn Early Macken said...

Marti & Linda, the number of tabs you can open might depend on the browser you use. When I opened 66, I was using Firefox. I recently switched to Google Chrome, & I haven't attempted to duplicate that feat. At some point, I must try to organize my bookmarks, which are separated into folders but with lots of overflow. I'm often tempted to delete everything & start over!

Jill said...

Uh-oh. Just added a few more sites to my own already-too-long favorites list! Thanks, JoAnn!