Monday, November 16, 2015

Three Weeks of Thanksgiving: A Teacher's Thanku

We are deep into our season of gratitude here on Teaching Authors. The series started off with Carmela giving thanks for insights gained through the loss of her kitchen.  Esther thanked the Chicago Cubs for a season of hope, with April appreciating good health. And now it's my turn.

Five years of Thanksgiving posts. here on Teaching Authors. Each year I struggle to write our traditional thanku, our many blessings, in haiku form. Each year I've had to be thankful outside of the five syllables-seven syllables-five syllables structure. So this year (among many other thing)...I'm grateful for mastering the thanku! (You can tell me if I really have when you send your own thanku.)

If you have read this blog for awhile, you know that my year is divided into three seasons--"the holidays" (which now kicks off on Labor Day, chugging relentlessly through to January 6th, the last of the Twelve Days of Christmas, in my religion), post-holiday (January and February are the dreariest months, no matter how many "national holidays" there are.) And then there is Camp Season, which for me, begins in April, when the redbud blooms, and I start planning this year's activities for my Young Author's Camps in June and July.
Writer up a tree!

"Camp Season" is checking rosters for returnees, as well as sibs of former campers, and new writers.  It's studying the composition of each week's camp. How many girls? How many boys?  The campers are (supposedly) ages 9 to 14 (with some birthdate slight-of-hand by some parents on the registration). Is this group mostly rising fourth graders? All sixth graders? Or a lovely balance of ages. (That's happened twice in ten years!)  I tailor the weeks to suit the age and gender makeup. In my advanced classes of returnees, I am careful not to repeat activities and exercises (except for the Traditonal Writer's Walk.)

Our writing HQ (in winter), a converted carriage house.
Just thinking about those steamy June and July days, full of creative young minds, instant friendships and...juice boxes...excites me on a blue-and-gold-autumn morning, crispy enough to require my cuddly chenille lap robe as I compose this post. I am ever thankful for my students, who inspire me to improve my craft so I can inspire them in return. The days are long and hot, but always fun for us all.

So with that in mind, here is my Thanku 2015.

    For Authors Everywhere--
Inspiration glows
Imagination surrounds
A writer matures.

Now it's your turn to share your gratitudes with us, both here on your comments or on your new Teaching Authors Facebook Page. For more details, see April's Poetry Friday post.

Does anyone suddenly have the urge to draw and color a handprint turkey? Have good one, writers!

Posted by Mary Ann Rodman


jan godown annino said...

Love seeing this peek at writing camp, Mary Ann.
Happy Thanksgiving to you & all the Teaching Authors. So thankful for
your articles all year long.

Thanku 2015
Jan Godown Annino

I have an abundant Life
Love Joy Health Sight Sustenance
My heart looks for ways to give

mary ann rodman said...

Thanku, Jan. Love your thought on the meaning of abundant life. So true.

Carmela Martino said...

Hooray for getting the Thanku form to work for you, MA!

mary ann rodman said...

About time, huh, Carmela?

Esther Hershenhorn said...

You have indeed mastered the Haiku, MaryAnn! :)