Monday, July 18, 2016

Behind the Curtain: My Research Process on Short Videos

 It is a strange thing to write long nonfiction books. 

I am working on my next nonfiction book with the working title of


Holiday House will publish this book with the projected release date fall 2017. 

By the time the finished book comes out and I’m invited to speak at schools or conferences, the work is over.  I love talking about the book then.  But when I’d really love to tell people all about it is when I’m in the middle of the research and writing of it.  That is when the thrill of discovery is new and exciting for me.  In some ways, that is when the most interesting things happen. 

I work hardest while doing original research and trying to figure out how to tell this very complicated story.   Every day, I follow leads and piece together bits of information that help me tell it.  Most of the details I learn along the way do not end up in the book.  But they are fascinating details. 

I suspect this is the time that classroom teachers could use my experiences to teach research and writing.   For this book, I decided that I would make very short videos to talk about some of these details. 

Below you can view my two short videos.  (If you can't see the video below, go to Oney Judge Meets Miss Langdon )

(If you can't see the video below, go to Oney Judge Sails From Philadelphia )

Carla Killough McClafferty


JoAnn Early Macken said...

I love how one detail leads to another! Thanks for sharing a bit of your process!

Bobbi Miller said...

Amazing! Thank you for sharing your process. This is going to be a fabulous book, Can't wait!

Carla Killough McClafferty said...

Thanks, JoAnn and Bobbi. I appreciate that. I'm neck deep in it right now. ;-)


jan godown annino said...

Hello Carla,

Your videos are a fascinating window into the intrigues of research & the paths books take enroute to publication.
This forthcoming title sounds like it deserves a prominent placement on all library shelves, especially in schools.
I especially love your statement about the strangeness of writing really long nonfiction illustrated
books for children. I have been there, too.
So pleased to meet you via Teaching Authors.


Carla Killough McClafferty said...

Thanks, Jan. I'm always happy to meet other writers here. I wish you every success. Carla