Friday, April 6, 2018


Howdy, Campers!

And yes, it's National Poetry Month!

But first...midnight tonight is the deadline to enter our book giveaway for a chance to win 30 PEOPLE WHO CHANGED THE WORLD (Seagrass, 2018).  Check out Carla Killough McClafferty’s March 26 interview with the book’s editor Jean Reynolds, then scroll down from the interview to enter our TeachingAuthors drawing.

Esther started off our celebration of National Poetry Month; now it's my turn.

I'm at the Texas Library Association's Annual Conference, #TLA18, having a fabulous time at the Poetry Rodeo created and sponsored by Pomelo Books.  Truly P-o-e-t H-e-a-v-e-n.

Here are a few photos from My Most Excellent Adventure:

me, ready for the conference!

Janet Wong

Dr. Sylvia Vardell & Juan Felipe Herrrera

David Harrison

Carmen T. Bernier-Grand  & Ann Whitford Paul

 the best 1/2 of Margarita Engle, Kathi Appelt, Nancy Bo Flood, Bob Raczka

my apologies to the rest of my poet friends whose photos were too blurry to share!

Ah, poetry.

Poetry Month inspired me to begin writing a poem a day in 2010...and I've never looked back. Maybe it will inspire you to write a poem each day, too.

This one is from August, 2013:

by April Halprin Wayland

It's like something that clings to your shirt—
one of those blue sticky flowers,
or a foxtail.

At the end of the day,
you take off your jacket
and there it is,

soft like a real fox's tail,

and sometimes

It must be dealt with.

poem (c) 2018 by April Halprin Wayland, who holds all rights's the backstory, which I wrote to my friend Bruce, who also writes a poem a day--we send them to each other:

Gary came home last night and I was frantic because I like to write my poem before he comes home.  At least THAT.  So he came home and I asked him if he had any ideas for a poem, for something that sticks...and as I said it, I got an image of the things that stick to my clothes on a hike and I was off and running.

Sometimes God is good to me.

Well, most times, actually.

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posted with love by April Halprin Wayland, who is grateful to our kind and inclusive Poetry Friday tribe


JoAnn Early Macken said...

What a glorious gathering that must have been! Isn't it funny how an idea pops up sometimes? You wonder & wonder, &
then there it is! I love the concept of stickiness.

jama said...

Great pics! I love your exuberant spirit and the sticky poem. :)

Liz Steinglass said...

Hi April, I love your sticky poem and your pictures and your beautiful, colorful, poetry dress. It was wonderful to see you!

Ramona said...

Oh, such fun with poetry friends. It reminds me of the Poetry Camp at Western Washington University and the chance I had to say hello to you. Someday I want to make it to the Texas Library Association Conference.

Linda B said...

Oh, April, I'm glad you shared your poem, new to me and it's wonderful, another special look at poetry! And it's perfect with your pictures from that conference, which looks like a joyful time.

Kay said...

I am glad poems stick to our lives--and pop up in unexpected places. Your pictures look like fun!

Amy LV said...

"It must be dealt with."

Yes! Love that.

And thank you for the pictures. It is like we're there with you! xxxx

mbhmaine said...

Poetry Rodeo--that just says fun, fun, fun! Thanks for sharing all the photos and your wonderful sticky poem. I love that ending line.