Friday, March 29, 2019

Book Giveaway To Celebrate Our TENTH Blogiversary: The Magic Words by Cheryl Klein!

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly--we're getting ready to celebrate the TENTH blogiversary of TeachingAuthors! In honor of this momentous milestone, we'll be giving away a signed copy of The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults (W.W. Norton) written by book editor and author Cheryl B. Klein. You'll find the giveaway instructions at the end of this post.

Our Tenth Blogiversary is actually on April 22, 2019. We're starting the celebration early because we've invited our former TeachingAuthors to participate in a special series looking back at our favorite posts over our blog's history. As it turns out, that series will feature TEN posts, starting with this one. You'll hear from the six current TeachingAuthors: April Halprin Wayland, Bobbi Miller, Carla Killough McClafferty, Esther Hershenhorn, Mary Ann Rodman, and me, Carmela Martino, as well as our "retired" TAs: Jeanne Marie Grunwell Ford, Jill Esbaum, JoAnn Early Macken, and Laura Purdie Salas. TEN TeachingAuthors in all! (If you're new to our blog, you can read bios of the current and former TAs on our About Us page.)

I have to say, I was having a terrible time choosing just one from the over 200 posts I've written as my "favorite." Should I pick a post I especially enjoyed writing? Or should it be one that seemed to resonate most with readers? Finally, I "cheated" and looked at the blog statistics to find which of my posts has had the most page reads. Turns out, it was one from our very first year of blogging! On August 12, 2009 I shared a post called "Getting to Know Me--Six-Word Memoirs" that is still among the top 5 most-viewed TeachingAuthors posts of all time.

That post was not only fun to write, it also led me to incorporate a new activity into the summer writing camps I teach. The post includes a Writing Workout intended "To engage students in thinking about their lives and to show them how to write concisely." This exercise has proven to be a great hit with my young students. Even reluctant writers can manage to find six words to describe themselves, and often quite eloquently.

When I introduce the topic in my camps, I share the example of one of my own six-word memoirs:
Published author who enjoys teaching writing.

I also share examples from other students their age, like these:
I love soccer, so so much.
I am growing. I am learning.
I wish I had a panda.

The young writers catch on very quickly!

We've written about 6-word memoirs here on TeachingAuthors several times over the years. You can read more about them in posts grouped under the tag Six-Word Memoir.

I loved that one of our TeachingAuthor readers shared my August 12, 2009 post with her 7-year-old daughter who came up with this as her 6-word memoir:
"I like to draw...a lot!" 

Seeing the ripple effect of our posts has been part of the joy of writing this blog and has helped keep me at it all these years. Thank you, readers, for your continued support and response!

Image courtesy of Pixabay's qimono
And, speaking of your support, I have a special request:

We'd LOVE to know some of YOUR favorite TeachingAuthor topics. You don't have to look up the actual post, but we'd appreciate if you would share a comment about a favorite or helpful topic we've addressed. Or, if there's a topic we HAVEN'T addressed that you'd like us to, please share that.

And now, here are the Book Giveaway Instructions:

To enter our drawing for a chance to win The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults by Cheryl Klein use the Rafflecopter widget below. You may enter via 1, 2, or all 3 options.

If you choose option 2, you MUST leave a comment on TODAY'S blog post or on our TeachingAuthors Facebook page. In your comment, please mention a favorite or helpful topic we've addressed here on our blog, or a topic you'd like us to address in the future.

(If you prefer, you may submit your comment via email to: teachingauthors [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Note: if you submit your comments via email or Facebook, YOU MUST STILL ENTER THE DRAWING VIA THE WIDGET BELOW. The giveaway ends April 26, 2019 We've extended the deadline to
May 7, 2019
! The contest is still open to U.S. residents only, though.

P.S. If you've never entered a Rafflecopter giveaway, here's info on how to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway and the difference between signing in with Facebook vs. with an email address.

Don't forget to visit today's Poetry Friday round-up hosted at Carol's Corner.

Finally, remember to always Write with Joy!

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Linda B said...

I don't always comment, but most love reading about each one's writing process. It helps to learn new ideas or to see that I have something in common with you. Thanks for a terrific and welcome blog!

Carmela Martino said...

Thank you, Linda @Teacher Dance, for the feedback and for being a long-time reader!

Danielle H. said...

I always enjoy reading about the writing process and getting ideas about resources for writers.

Carl Scott said...

My favorite part of following your blog is finding out about new books that are available to help create content for kids. Keep up the great work!

Karen K. said...

I love the Writing Workouts. I use them myself and with my students.

Carmela Martino said...

Thanks so much Danielle, Carl, and Karen. It's so helpful to know what you all most enjoy reading!

Esther Hershenhorn said...

YOU are the perfect person, Marti, to kick off this series of celebratory Blogiversary posts.
I owe you Big Time for inviting me to be one of the ten TeachingAuthors!

Michele Helsel said...

I like your posts on rhythm in PBs.

Linda said...

I enjoy reading your blog no matter the topic. I always learn something, and the Writing Workouts are great exercises!

Carmela Martino said...

Thanks, Linda. You're the second person to mention our Writing Workouts. We're so glad you find them helpful.
And Michele, we appreciate the feedback about rhythm in PBs, too.
Esther, I couldn't have started this blog without YOU!

Carmela Martino said...

Here's a comment from one of my former students who was unable to post it herself:
I am new to the teachingauthors blog, and came to it through Carmela’s newsletter. I am grateful for the space that she and the other teachingauthors provide for us to grow as writers, and look forward to perusing the earlier posts for writing exercises and advice.



Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction said...

Thanks for the chance to win this book! I'll be sure to help spread the word!!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Debra Daugherty said...

I just found out about your blog today and subscribed. Since I'm new, I don't have a favorite blog topic yet, but look forward to reading your posts. Revision is one topic I'm interested in now as I'm working on revisions for an R & R.

Nancy Kelly Allen said...

I always enjoy your blogs. My favorites are those based on envision.

tarafarah7 said...

Congratulations!! I'm a newbie to your blog; I recently came across some social media posts from Amy at The Poem Farm, and they led me here. As a teacher of 20 years, I have no clue how I've gone so long without you all. I love every single post I've read so far, but I'm most drawn to the teacher section. I especially love the one-minute journaling idea! I plan to give it a try with my students at the start and finish of each class period next week. I think it is going to be a success, and I'm super excited. Thank you! Also, I have found the many book recommendations and links to sites and resources incredibly helpful. I work in a Title 1 district where books, teaching materials, and funding are all non-existent. Being that everything for my students and classroom comes out of my own pocket, I rely heavily on recommendations. I'm so happy I found you, and I can't wait to continue learning alongside you. Your blog is wonderful. Thank you so much for all your hard work and support! You are appreciated! :-)

Carmela Martino said...

Thanks, Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction for helping spread the word. Welcome Debra and tarafarah7. I'm so glad you found us!
Nancy, it's great to know you enjoy our revision posts, too.
Good luck in the giveaway, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Carmela, and Happy 10th Blogiversary!

Damon Dean said...

Thanks for extending the deadline! I don't comment much, but as I've had to trim down the number of blogs I read regularly, your group remains as my go to for inspiration and instruction.
I have recently loved the research hints and topics, as I am working mostly non fiction now.
Congrats on 10 years of love and service to writers like me!

Unknown said...

I love the quote from E. B. White.

Rani Iyer said...

Can't wait to read Cheryl's poems. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Varsalona said...

I like reading about the author's writing practice, like Laura Purdie Salas did today. I also like to read about new books, poems, and ways to help students becme better writers.

Tricia said...

Like Linda, I don't often comment, but I read and enjoy your posts. You've been on my blogroll since your blog started, so I feel like I've been reading your forever. I love the very real glimpse you provide of the writing process.

Doreen Robinson said...

I am new to your blog - signed up a few months ago) but I have learned so much and look forward to the thoughtful insights you all provide. Thank you and happy Ten Year Blog-aversary!

Anonymous said...

I honestly read most of the posts even though I don't often comment. If I had to pick a favorite theme, it would be posts on craft.