Friday, May 10, 2019

Happy #10 to the 10th Power!

We’re celebrating our TENTH Blogiversary?
We’re celebrating our TENTH BLOGIVERSARY!

Honestly? When we first began blogging, the challenge of a once-every-three-week Monday morning post caused numerous angst-filled Sunday nights.
(1) I’m the Slowest Writer East of the Mississippi.
(2) I was a tad intimidated by my fellow MFA-holding TA’S.
(3) Uploading my post to the Blogger software, inserting pictures and links and praying the post would appear the next day had me hating Sundays.
But once I got the hang of it, say after 4 years? I was there! And it gladdens my heart that I’m still here. 😊
I’ve so loved sharing my teaching and authoring smarts, experiences and wonderings with our TeachingAuthors readers. I remain truly grateful for the honor and opportunity to help seed and feed our Readers.

Gratitude lies at the heart of my very favorite post – “Celebrate October 20th the Write Way: Write a Thanku!
I love the surprise this post created whilst I was writing it – i.e. The Thanku, an original poetic form, part thank you note/part Haiku. I also love the surprise of our readers’ warm response.  The poetic form eventually led to our blog’s annual Two Weeks of Thanks celebration. 

In my very first Thanku I thanked the writers I’ve come to know through teaching and coaching.  “Such storied treasures!” I wrote.
Since 2011, I’ve thanked, in chronological order: my Children’s Book World, my students, my Carioca grandson, my fellow TeachingAuthors, my Chicago Cubs and my mentors Bernice Raab and Sue Alexander.
This year? I’m thanking YOU, our Readers who keep all of us - veteran and former bloggers alike, keepin’ on!

                      THANKU TO YOU!
Here’s to our Readers!
Fans, Feeders, Fuelers all.
True storied treasures.

With immeasurable gratitude to both my fellow TeachingAuthors and our loyal Readers,
Esther Hershenhorn

And now, drum roll, please, as we announce the winner of Cheryl Klein’s THE MAGIC WORDS, our 10th Blogiversary’s Giveaway, personally autographed by the author at last weekend’s Marvelous Midwest SCBWI Conference: Michele H.!
Congrats, Michele!
And thanks to all who entered and shared Good Wishes, favorite posts and Kind Words!

                               Back row, left to right: Jill Esbaum, me, Carmela,                
                               JoAnn; Front row, Cheryl Klein


Shirin said...

Esther, you have been part of my writing journey for many years. Your inspiration has impacted my writing and my life. I am honored to call you a mentor and friend. With a heart full of gratitude- and then some.

Sarah H. said...

Oh Teaching Authors

Thank you for your weekly posts.

Writer's journey: yay!

Carmela Martino said...

Love this post, Esther, and your Thanku! So great being able to connect in person last weekend. And I'm grateful you faced your fears and joined the TA team. We wouldn't be the same without you. 💕

Esther Hershenhorn said...

Love that Thanku, Sarah H.! :)
And, thanks for your Kind Words, Carmela and "Namesake" (who I - think - has a name that begins with the letter A, yes?)
Lucky us to be doing what we do!

Carol Coven Grannick said...

Congratulations on a wonderful ten years of information and support...and so much more!

Damon Dean said...

Congratulations all of you...and all of us. I've found so many treasures you've shared here! To another 10 years!!

jan godown annino said...

Dear Esther, Carmela & Teaching Author Bloggers & Readers :)

The ThankU Haiku post is my favorite, too!

Not too many words
And certainly not too few
Sweet ThankU for You