The TeachingAuthors are very honored to be featured in Dr. Roxanne Owens's column in the Spring 2015 Issue of the Illinois Reading Council Journal. Here are links to the posts she references:
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The TeachingAuthors shared the following resources as part of our "Helping You (and Your Students!) Connect with the Writer Within" presentation at a past Illinois Reading Council convention.

Resources you'll find here, on our TeachingAuthors site:
  • We invite classroom teachers to use our writing exercises, called Writing Workouts, with their students. To learn more about what they are and how to find them on our blog, see our Writing Workouts page.
  • For the post "What Should I Write About?" click here.
  • To read about one-minute journals, click here.
  • To read about "Observing and Reporting" vs. "Journaling," click here.
  • For the “Mind Walk” exercise, read this post.
  • To find all the posts that mention Six-Word Memoirs, click here.
  • For the exercise on "Writing a Question Poem," see this post.
  • For links to places where students can get their writing published, see this page.
  • For links to general children's/YA lit blogs and author/illustrators blogs, see this page.
Resources on other websites:
If you try any of these resources and find them helpful, please post a comment below.