Monday, April 12, 2010

Your Local Library

A library is allegedly coming to the corner of our county sometime in the next decade (read: never).  In the meantime, our nearest branch is in a burg called Walkersville.  The whole building is approximately the size of our living room and kitchen combined.  Given the obvious constraints, their collection is impressive.  (They have MIND GAMES on the shelf and once featured FIRST GRADE STINKS prominently in the children's corner.  What's not to love?) 

When my daughter turned two, I was excited to take her to our first Story Time.  After the first half-hour experience, my excitement waned considerably.  Ms. Shelba was fantastic.  My daughter, alas, was not.  She was mostly concerned with wandering the aisles, pulling books off shelves, and making repeated breaks for the parking lot.  At least it's fairly easy to corral a wayward kid in a library the size of a postage stamp.  Despite the browsing opportunities the aisle-roaming afforded, we were not so long for story time. 

Blessedly, the library bookmobile now comes to my daughter's preschool.  Apparently she is angelic and attentive during story time.  She and her brother frequently play "libary" at home.  This is a game that has the rare cachet of House, School, Princess, and Horsie.  My daughter, by some miracle certainly not wrought by me, has come to view the library as a magical place.

My college students, on the other hand, were reluctant attendees last week at a presentation from the campus librarian about research and materials available to them.  As I have observed in many classes now, the idea of reading actual books or journal articles (a requirement for this assignment) is pretty much a non-starter among today's Digital Natives.  If you can't find it on the Net, forget it. 

I do understand this mentality.  I am a proud member of Generation X.  I have my Kindle for PC app, and I adore the instant gratification it affords.  I operate a paper-free office for my job.  I read everything on my computer screen.  And I can't imagine how I ever lived without the Net. 

The thing is -- our students can access the campus library from the comfort of their own homes. They can search for information, reserve books, read articles (CQ Researcher!), and even watch movies.  Our local library allows patrons to renew books online and sends overdue reminders via email.  Yay, 21st century! 

In my mind, the library is a place with cozy chairs and that scintillating smell of books old and new.  But technology has made it possible for the library to come to my home -- and not just in the let's-pretend way of my children. 

Happy National Library Week!

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Michelle said...

In this digital age, libraries are helping people sort through all that information. At our library, you still need a card to access online databases of articles, and most people need a brief tutorial on how to use them.

At the library, we celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. We hand out little scrolls of poems to patrons all day. They can read them and share with others.

Carmela Martino said...

I'm lucky enough to live in a community where the library has consistently been named #1 for its size. If they don't have what I need, they're happy to get it for me through Interlibrary Loan.
So let's here it for National Library Appreciation Day! Do check out the related celebration and giveaway at