Saturday, November 5, 2011


Congratulations, Carol Grannick, winner of our TeachingAuthors Book Giveaway of Leonard Marcus' THE ANNOTATED PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH!

Here's Norton Juster's synopsis of the last chapter of THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH, as typed by his mother Minnie for his editor Jason Epstein at Random House and shared by Leonard Marcus in his recently published annotated volume:

“Milo then says goodbye to his friends, heads for home and after one more detour in the land if illusions he reaches the tollbooth and his room. The next day when he eagerly rushes home from school to take another trip he finds that the booth has disappeared as mysteriously as it came. In its place is a letter which tells him there are many other little boys and girls who have to use it also and that now he must find the lands beyond by himself. At first he is very unhappy but then he realizes that he doesn’t have time to be because there is so much to do.”

Carol Grannick is now sufficiently equipped to discover The Lands Beyond.

Thanks to all those TeachingAuthor readers who entered. I know they are busily engaged in all that there is to do!

Esther Hershenhorn

P.S. from Carmela: If you missed April's fun Poetry Friday post featuring several Dog Poems, be sure to scroll down or check it out directly here.

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Carol Grannick said...

Thank you Esther, and Teaching Authors! I have actually had access to The Lands Beyond since first reading THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH many years ago...I will treasure this annotated copy.