Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More "Gratitudes" from our Readers

Even though today is Wednesday, this isn't a Wednesday Writing Workout post. (We'll be back with more workouts in January.) I just wanted to share a quick update regarding our Three Weeks of Thanks-Giving challenge. This year was the first time we ran a book giveaway in conjunction with our series of posts expressing our gratitude. Last Friday, when I posted my wrap-up linking to posts by other bloggers who joined in our challenge, I didn't realize that a number of our readers had shared their "gratitudes" in their giveaway contest entries. It wasn't until I reviewed all the entries this past Monday that I saw them. Their gratitude was so uplifting I had to share them with you.

When asked to "Tell us three things you're grateful for," here's what they said:
  • Family, children's books, great blogs to follow!
  • I'm grateful for my family, my awesome poetry friends, and for my wonderful life.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if it all is real.
  • I am grateful for my family, friends and God for my life. 
  • Health, loved ones and faith top the list today!
  • My job, my friends, and my family
  • Wonderful family, immediate and extended, fabulous friends from way back and from recently, and writing for the sake of writing. Thankful, happy, humbled.
  • I'm thankful for: the cornucopia of rich SCBWI IL and beyond authors and Illustrators sharing their skills and knowledge with us; my family that perpetually allows me to pour myself into my writing and art; and nature that is a constant well of inspiration for all that I create! 
  • Thankful for family and thankful for the snow
  • I'm grateful for 1. my hubby, 2. currently having no obstacle, be it physical, mental, emotional, or practical, to enjoying every simple joy in life that I could wish for, and 3. having no obstacles (except for my own inefficiencies) to exercising creativity in many ways every day.
  • I am filled with gratitude for my loving home and family, more than five years of being cancer free, and my opportunities to make a difference. 
  • I am grateful for: A wonderful network of writers through SCBWI. My two challenging, supportive writers groups: one in Illinois and one in Virginia. My family, who provide inspiration, encouragement, ideas, and yes--distractions.
  • I'm grateful for health, happiness and heaps of good books to read--and WRITE!
WE'RE grateful so many of our readers took time to share their "gratitudes" with us! 

Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Margaret Simon, who blogs at Reflections on the TecheShe shared her lovely "Thanku to Roux" along with a student Thanku in her November 8 post.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.
Happy writing!


April Halprin Wayland said...

I write five things I am grateful for each day and send them to a friend.

Big stuff like my amazing life and small stuff like this kitty who is purring on my wrist (making it almost impossible to type)

jan godown annino said...

Dear Teaching Authors,
Brava! for Margaret Simon's win.
And for these uplifting thankful collected thoughts.

And for April's sweet reminder about every delicious breath we take.

And for April's kitty. Similar factory here, our adult Ginger circled lopsided on lap, begruding the laptop the space it takes.

Hope Wed. Workouts enjoy their deserved break.
Thank-U, Teaching Authors, for gifting us with
nourishing posts in 2014.

I'm preparing to be dazzled in the Holidaze!

~ j a n

Carmela Martino said...

Love the image of the kitty on your wrist, April.
Your comment made me smile, Jan. I'm picturing you "bedazzled"!

Margaret Simon said...

Thanks again for the give away. I like seeing my name in lights. I could get used to this.


A kid-lit-o-sphere
full of kindness and book love
fills up my heart
(and book shelves!)

Carmela Martino said...

Love your Thanku, Margaret!

Bobbi Miller said...

This just fills me up with gratitude, reading these posts and comments. Congratulations, Margaret!