Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Writing Workout: Day 10 Challenge Upate

Back on January 27, I posted a Wednesday Writing Workout inviting you to join me in a "30-Day Boost Your Productivity Challenge" I was starting on February 1. Today, on the tenth day of the challenge, I'll share a quick progress report.

I have to confess: my "30-Day Boost Your Productivity Challenge" got off to a shaky start. My goal was to spend at least 2 hours/week on my current WIP. To make time for that goal, I'd planned to get up 15 minutes earlier, six days a week.

image courtesy of DeviantArt
But when the alarm went off early on Monday, Feb. 1, I just couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed. I went back to sleep and didn't work on my WIP at all that day. L

However, the good news is that Tuesday went much better. I got into a morning routine that lasted the rest of the week and I ultimately exceeded my goal by working 2 hours and 35 minutes on my WIP. Yeah!

Also, I'd originally said I'd track my work time in an app called Timesheet that I'd blogged about in this post. However, I found another (FREE!) app called Toggl I like even better that allows me to track my time on my computer or phone. Toggl also produces wonderful reports that make it extremely easy to see how much time I've spent on a specific project on a particular day, week, month, etc. You can find Toggl here.  

Now, it's your turn.

Wednesday Writing Workout:
30-Day Boost Your Productivity Challenge Status Report

If you're participating in the 30-Day Boost Your Productivity Challenge, give us YOUR progress report via a comment to today's blog post, on our TeachingAuthors Facebook page, or in an email to teachingauthors [at] gmail [dot] com.

You're welcome to join in even if you didn't start on Feb. 1--pick whatever 30-day time period works for you.

Happy writing!


Teresa Robeson said...

Last week went pretty well; I was mostly keeping up with my 200 words per day goal. But this week, not only does the Children's Book Illustration class I'm taking have 3 time the amount of homework as last week, but I have 5 critiques to do, so it's not looking so good. Maybe I can play catch up on Friday... :}

Carmela Martino said...

Thanks for checking in, Teresa. Congrats on keeping up your goal last week! When I set my goals, I try to allow for classes and other things by adjusting my goals temporarily. I do hope you can catch up, and I look forward to your final report at the end of the month.