Friday, August 16, 2019

The Views From MY Windows This Summer…

I’m happy to report: this summer’s views from my Chicago hi-rise’s windows remain the same as shared in my July post two years ago… with but one wondrous addition when looking south:


I’m also happy to report: like Christine at today’s Poetry Friday link, I too have been wondering and wandering.
Feast your eyes on but a few of the people, places and “animals” my iPhone camera captured the past three months.

Enjoy the view wherever you are wandering and wondering!

Esther Hershenhorn


Michelle Kogan said...

Hi Esther, Happy to see your post pop up on a Poetry Friday! Love your collage-collection of images and seeing your smiling face in a few of them. One I think with a moose perhaps… and was there an image of Hans Christian Anderson from Lincoln Park near the zoo– I stopped by there this summer and photographed him also, what fun! I've a post up for Poetry Friday, hope you can stop by, thanks.

Esther Hershenhorn said...

Yes, your vision is A-OK, Michelle!
That is indeed a "moose" - and - my favorite Chicago statute of my favorite children's book author.
Your river birch images - in words AND art - are lovely!
So glad we're in synch on Poetry Friday!

Faiza Jee said...

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