Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Windows and Winners!

Congratulations to Irene L, the winner of our giveaway of HOW I LEARNED TO FALL OUT OF TREES by Vincent X. Kirsch!

We are on the last days of a busy summer. We at Teaching Authors thought you might enjoy seeing what our working space looks like!

This is my workdesk. I'm working on revisions as I take Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson's Kid Book Revisions Summer School 2019. It's a lot of reading and writing and more reading and writing!

But, I have help! This is Apollo.

We are best companions.

But sometimes, all this reading and writing can be exhausting! Apollo knows what to do.

When you notice a cat in profound meditation,
The reason, I tell you, is always the same:
His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name:
His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name. 
(The Naming of Cats, by TS Eliot) 

I hope you are enjoying your summer days!

--Bobbi Miller


Linda Mitchell said...

My best companion in writing is Ira. He's a task master...but also can be caught in rapt contemplation. Ha!

Yvonne Ventresca said...

Apollo is a beauty! Happy Summer.

April Halprin Wayland said...

Thank you for an example of short, amusing post with a hint at all the work you're doing!

Anonymous said...

Such fun to see your work space, Bobbi!