Friday, April 26, 2019

5 Years Later, Still Writing the Same Way!

Hello, writers and teachers! It’s lovely to visit with you, and happy 10th anniversary to this wonderful blog!

For my blast from the past, I’ve decided to link to my Wednesday Writing Workout post on writing rhyming nonfiction. I chose this rhyming nonfiction poem exercise because, 5 years later, it still accurately reflects how I go about writing. This trial-and-error, exploratory way of writing nonfiction verse still feels like home to me. The content is king in a nonfiction book, but playing with rhyme can help shape the way and order in which I'm going to share information, and it can suggest various examples and metaphors that I might not have thought of without rhyme.

It’s basically the same way I’ve been writing my nonfiction verse books (though none have been about fences--ha!). After WATER CAN BE..., which I shared also in that post, came A ROCK CAN BE... (Millbrook, 2016), MEET MY FAMILY: ANIMAL BABIES AND THEIR FAMILIES (Millbrook, 2018), and, soon, SNACK, SNOOZE, SKEDADDLE: HOW ANIMALS GET READY FOR WINTER (Millbrook, 2019). I also have two rhyming nonfiction picture books coming out from Bloomsbury in the next few years!

This spring, though, is a Poetry-Palooza celebration, as I have three poetry picture books that have all come out in the past few months. One is nonfiction but not rhyming. One is rhyming poems, but they are pure imagination. And one is haiku riddles, nonrhyming. I have Padlets on each book’s page on my website, so if you feel like trying your hand at some different types of poetry, I hope you’ll jump in and contribute!

SNOWMAN-COLD=PUDDLE: SPRING EQUATIONS (Charlesbridge, ill. by Micha Archer)


LION OF THE SKY: HAIKU FOR ALL SEASONS (Millbrook, ill. by Mercè López)

One other project I've been working on recently is getting some of my resources for children's writers gathered into one spot on my website.I hope you'll stop by to see if you find something useful, like my free Facebook Group or my in-depth articles on how I write a nonfiction picture book or how I research publishers and submit my manuscripts. And I've even joined Patreon, where I'm providing additional resources, like behind-the-scenes videos documenting how I'm writing my current picture book.

Besides all this good stuff, TeachingAuthors is running a giveaway of Cheryl Klein’s MAGIC WORDS. Just go back to Marti’s kickoff post to enter.

And, as it's Poetry Friday, be sure to check out the Roundup at Beyond LiteracyLink with the awesome Carol Varsalona!

Okay, that's it. Thanks for inviting me back! The depth of information shared here is really meaningful. I had fun reading a few of my old posts as well as other posts that caught my eye as I was browsing. You aren’t kidding when you call yourselves Teaching Authors!

Laura Purdie Salas


Carmela Martino said...

Wow, you have been busy, Laura! Congrats on all your new books and thanks for taking the time to celebrate with us. ❤

JoAnn Early Macken said...

Congratulations on all your good news, Laura! Your rhyming nonfiction post is a helpful one--I appreciate the specific steps in the process. Best wishes for continuing success!

Linda said...

I'm going to save your rhyming nonfiction post to read later this weekend. Thank you, Laura, for such sharing helpful information!

Carol Varsalona said...

Thank you, Laura for sharing your recent happenings. It is truly wonderful that you are so busy with your publications.

Linda B said...

And "HOW ANIMALS GET READY FOR WINTER" is coming soon! Wow! I have peeked at your pages, but need to go back to read more thoroughly. Thanks for all the inspiration, Laura!

Michele Helsel said...

What a generous author you are. I love your process and can't wait to learn more about it on your website. Thanks for sharing! And I extend my thanks to all who contribute to this great site!

Linda Mitchell said...

Laura, I love your writing lesson. I think I could use this with kids too. I agree with the others. You have been super generous and I am grateful. I'm wishing you much success on the three books this spring and look forward to what comes next! You go, writer girl!

Michelle Kogan said...

Thanks for linking us to your earlier rhyming lesson filled with many great ideas. Wishing you lots of success with all of your books that have come out and one's that are down the road a piece too!

Kay said...

Thank you for being so generous with your writing and poetry wisdom. I tend to be a bit afraid of rhyming poems, but your exercise might tempt me to try some more. Congratulations on all the book goodness